Sunday, April 25, 2010

[Trust] [1] The Encounter

"Ayeh! Listen: I am not a bad man. I got a pacemaker (shows his scar). Here's my ID (flaunts a few cards). Can you please give me a ride to the Kaiser? I ain't a bad guy man, I swear."

People in the background caution me as I almost unlock the door. And then I apologised to him, saying sorry and saying that I can't, I didn't know where it is (I lied).

"You bastard! You piece o sh$t!...', this bulky guy starts screaming at me as I pulled out of the hospital parking lot upon dropping her for work.

And hence ended my first conversation with the outside world this morning at 6:03am.

P.S. How do you tell when not to help someone? May be he needed genuine help? Or may be he was acting since the ER staff and the cops were right there, why won't they take him?

Have we lost trust and faith in each other as we grew up technologically?

I did know where he wanted to go. So what kept me from unlocking the door??

Food for soul!

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